ABOUT Craft India Overseas

catering to the dance community since 1994
(An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Establishment)

About us

Craft India Overseas was formed in 1994 against all odds and if's and but's. We started and started growing too with the valuable support of our customer’s across the world. Our products have been praised around the globe for being beautiful creations and heart beating styles. All products are made by artisans with guidance and ideas depicted from oriental dance world and our respected dancing friends who insisted us to create new articles, according to the needs of the dancers and enthusiasts alike.

Since 1994, We have catered to the growing demand of quality costumes, accessories and jewelry of oriental dancing with high standards of workmanship and service coupled with experienced artisans to produce these most magnificent styles, any one of the variety of hand embroidered style can boast of a minimum of 4 man hours to a maximum of 47 man hours in producing these works of art.

Also on offer a wide range of tribal products, all these years we have been able to create a list of satisfied customers world over amongst the tribal and belly dancing community with this range of genuine tribal wear. The central and western Indian terrain is home to the various tribes and nomads of India. They have been making their own life with their own culture own beliefs and their very own style. We employ a few of them to bring out their style and replicate it for the ones who appreciate it.

Our basic costumes are appreciated every where and so does our Metal jewelry, accessories such as Scimitars and Finger Cymbals are very popular among dancing community besides the Canes and Candle Bras. We always try to bring different styles and designs related to oriental dancing. Since the last few years we have included tribal dance articles also in our products and several designs of fringes, laces, Art embroidery pieces are on offer. We take pride in declaring that we are the sole copyright owners of the swords and zills we offer, besides many other genuine designs we have created over the past 16 years.

We have been providing our clients with these products and quality they desire with a price range highly acceptable and suitable to them in comparison to rest of the market. Our prices are at any given time most competitive compared to most sale offers even! Not because we are not making any money on it or offering low quality. We are still offering the best quality fabric, the best stitching, we are earning our sensible profit and also making a customer who can trust us till the time our company remains at their service.

Our gratitude to all our existing Customers and buyers to join us in future to strengthen us to be able to develop new products and to cater to the needs of the dancing community for a long time. Last but not the least, we appreciate and honor the support of our valuable team who has put in all efforts and at times beyond to serve our customers and make them happy.